You will require hot oil treatment for your hair because of weak, dry, or damaged hair you have. Not only this, but it is also a moisturizing treatment for hair using hot oils. A hot oil treatment can save frizzy curls and dehydrated, damaged hair. If you have dry strands or heat damage caused by blow drying, this will do you wonders. To revive your locks, stay tuned till the very end of this blog. 

Hot oil treatments are also an easy DIY way to get smoother hair. So, for that, let us know how to repair it with hot oil all the way through.

Advantages of Hot Oil Treatment for Your Hair

1. Postpones Follicle Miniaturization

Hair follicles shrink as people age. But this process is delayed after hot oil massages. Such massages unclog and thicken pores, leading to more hairs growing again.

2. Reduces Protein And Calcium Loss

Keratin, which makes up our hair, is a protein derivative from bone tissue. Hence, aging leads to the loss of proteins and calcium. As a result, these treatments become important in strengthening roots.

3. Balances Sebaceous Glands

Natural oil massages help maintain healthy levels of moisture for your hair growth.

4. Protects the Hair from Breaking

Deep conditioning is a treatment that repairs damaged hair by restoring its cuticle and shaft.  Thus making it more elastic and robust. It also improves texture and adds shine to your mane.

5. Promotes Hair Growth

While you massage hot oil onto the scalp, it increases blood circulation, which wakes up dormant follicles. This, in turn, supports this cycle by increasing the volume of hairs.

6. Slows down the Greying Process

Feeding proper nutrients alongside oxygen supply to follicles can rejuvenate pigment cells. So, what it does is slow down the stage of hair greying.

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Ways To Do Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

1. Warm the Oil

Choose your favorite oil and heat it in a bowl. Use the double boiler method. To avoid uneven heating and breakdown of the oil, never heat it in the microwave.

2. Part Your Hair

Divide your hair into two to four sections. Begin with the vertical part of the hair and eventually cover the middle. Clip back all but one section to make applying the oil more accessible.

3. Rub Into Roots

Begin getting into the scalp and roots, and cover them well. Lift sections of hair so you can get the oil on your whole scalp.

4. Apply to Ends

Use more oil to coat the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair, working down each strand until all covers.

5. Cover and Wait

Wear a shower cap or wrap a plastic wrap around your head. What else you can do is use a plastic bag to trap heat. This will let the oil soak into your hair. Once done, give it time to let it settle down. Try giving it about thirty minutes.

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6. Shampoo and Condition

After allowing the treatment to sit, wash your hair. Use both a shampoo and a conditioner to witness the best results.

7. How Often?

Do hot oil treatments on natural or relaxed hair once every week or two. You will see the results on your own during this period.

Hot Oil Treatments: Questions Answered

Are hot oil treatments suitable for your hair?

The answer is yes. Hot oil treatments are suitable for your hair health-wise. These treatments use heated oils that nourish the entire length of the hair shaft, starting from its roots. When the molecules of oil heats, they become smaller. Now, they can penetrate deep into each strand where moisture gets added. Ultimately, you will notice that your cuticles are much more defined and robust.

Can any person use hot oil treatment regardless of their hair type?

Yes, people with different kinds of hair can use hot oil treatment without worries. This is because it suits all types, from fine straight to thick curly. This method is excellent if you have frizzy, curly, dry, damaged-looking locks. Curly hair requires more hydration and absorbs the product better due to its high porosity. As a result, it is the ideal recipient during application.

Are hot oil treatments safe?

Usually, yes. Because they consist primarily of plant-based ingredients, they are safe to use. However, individuals with sensitive skin might have adverse reactions. To ensure safety, use oils without synthetic additives or of better quality. Determine the potential risk of sensitivity before applying any sort of oil.

To Sum It Up

Hot oil treatments work wonders when caring for our hair’s health. They nourish the hair significantly when damaged due to overexposure, repairing any breakages and leaving behind solid and shiny strands.


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