Argan Oil, referred to as “liquid gold,” is derived from the kernels of the argan tree, native to Morocco. Long used in local culinary arts, it has come to be popular lately in both hair and skincare areas due to its healing abilities. Containing a variety of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E, argan oil presents numerous benefits for the healthy appearance of your hair. The following article explores the benefits of argan oil for healthy hair and why this oil may be vital for your hair care routine.

argan oil benefits for hair

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What Is Argan Oil?

The argan tree is only found in Morocco, the most western of all African countries, and the oil is made from its kernels. What was first used in local cuisine now has applications in various skin and hair supplies, earning it the name ‘Liquid Gold.’ This liquid has so many active ingredients that it could be used for medicinal purposes.

Why Should You Use Argan Oil?

Choosing hair oil is quite a tricky job. Coconut oil, the oldest friend of dried hair, often creates tangles. Though olive oil has abundant necessary nutrients, especially the more mature ones, it might not be very hydrating for certain dry conditions. Almonds are expensive; thus, pure almond oil, most of the time, becomes an expensive buy. Here is where argan oil emerges as an intelligent choice.

This oil can treat several hair-related issues, including hair growth. Rich in dietary antioxidants, vitamin E, and fatty acids, it nourishes damaged hair and improves the health of the hair and scalp, promoting faster hair growth.

Benefits Of Argan Oil for Healthy Hair Care Routine

Scientific studies have also attested to the benefits of argan oil. Most of this activity concerns its vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acid contents. From these are several advantages that argan oil contributes to hair:

Reduces flaking and dandruff

This oil is enhanced with vitamins D & E and fatty acids that offer moisture to the scalp, making it lighter during seasonal dryness. It reduces inflammation, fights against oxidative stress, and cleans the system of free radicals. Apply overnight for deep absorption into the hair roots. 

Protection from intense heat

Regular argan oil usage offers adequate nutrition and protects the hair against damage. The oil forms a barrier for protection against hair drying and can even be used before heating tools or color dyes as a styling product. 

Moisturizes hair

Since it’s light and not a little greasy, it seeps through easily into your roots, conditioning your hair cuticles and leaving your mane shinier. It’s an excellent deep hair conditioner against frizzy hair and split ends.

Fights baldness & hair growth

Enriched with vitamin C, argan oil fortifies new hair follicles. It makes dealing with hair volume possible and prevents hair thinning and excessive loss.

Manages split ends & fights frizz

It prevents hair fall and nourishes hair follicles, thus making your tresses look full. The smaller molecules of argan oil penetrate the hair cuticle more effectively, giving you softer hair that doesn’t tangle easily. Vitamin E and omega fatty acids work on your damaged hair to provide much-needed moisture and protection while soothing split ends and frizz.

Keeps scalp infections at bay

With antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, this argan oil works on scalp health counteracting the environmental infections that cause dandruff. 

Makes hair shinier

Used on a reasonably frequent basis because of its essential fatty acids, this argan-based hair mask adds heaps of shine to the hair strands. It tames frizzy locks, mends broken ends, strengthens weak hair, and enhances elasticity, thus making more manageable and aesthetically pleasing hair.

How Can You Create an Argan-Based Hair Care Regimen?

It is appropriate for any hair when taken out from the argan tree’s core. Add something creative to your hair care by: 

Applying hair oil regularly

Regularly applying argan oil over the scalp will keep your hair healthy and nourished. Massage gently with it for increased blood circulation, which is the key to having smooth, soft, and firm locks.

Argan shampoo for hair cleansing

Use the argan shampoo to remove deep-seated oils, dirt, impurities, and accumulated sebum. Argan shampoo reduces split ends and frizz and repairs hair.

Provide moisturization to your hair

Use an argan conditioner to help bring back the vital oils in your hair that may have been stripped with rinsing. It alleviates frizz, reduces split ends, and nourishes dry hair. 

As a hydrating hair mask

An argan oil hair mask smoothes out frayed hair shafts, seals split ends and strengthens hair. This is anti-frizz and deeply conditioned hair.

As an effective hair-styling product

Massage argan oil into your hair two times a week and let it sit for about three hours before washing with a sulfate-free shampoo; the anti-frizz properties tend to help with practical styling.

Is Argan Oil Good For Your Hair?

Yes, argan oil is good for hair. Argan oil moisturizes the roots of your hair and scalp, protects from environmental irritants, and reduces hair fall. It contains the right amount of vitamins and fatty acids that create a radiant and healthy glow in your hair.

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Final Words

From reducing dandruff and offering heat protection to promoting hair growth and controlling frizz, argan oil is a multi-faceted cult favorite. Applying argan oil helps generate healthy, shiny, and manageable hair. So, considering the multidimensional benefits and its suitability for all hair types, Argan Oil might be refined when used in your hair. Furthermore, many people also love using tea tree oil for hair to make their locks shiny.