Dry and chapped lips are annoying and may even create a painful situation at times. However, finding the right chapstick can provide you with much-needed relief and safeguard your lips from further damage. Additionally, lip balm would be the answer for most people if asked which one important cosmetic product they can’t live without. It has evolved from a cold-weather essential to prevent chapped lips to an all-year-round beauty necessity. These days, they come in different flavors and colors, thus becoming very popular. You must have these if you want a barrier protecting lips against dehydration and damage. Because of this, one should find the best chapstick for dry lips.

What’s The Best Chapstick for Dry Lips: 7 Tips

Selecting the ideal chapstick for your lips can be as easy. But to pick the best one, you must consider some essential tips. So, here are 7 tips to help you find the best chapstick for extremely dry lips.

Look for Moisturizing Components

If your lips are dry or cracked, you have to shift your lip balm preference. Simply use one that ensures hydrating ingredients. Moreover, keep an eye out for components. Namely, shea butter, beeswax, and cocoa butter. These components also help hydrate your lips and provide protection against dryness. Which chapstick is best for chapped lips? The one with these fantastic ingredients.

Stay Away from Fragrant and Dyed Types

Avoid using flavored lip balms with dye components if you have sensitive skin. They make your lips itchier and, hence, drier than before. Thus, choose unflavored ones without scents only.

Consider Tinted Lip Balm

Those who like some color on their lips may consider purchasing tinted lip balm. Make sure it provides sheer coverage.  So, it gives just a wash of color but moisturizes your mouth. 

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SPF Shielding

It’s also essential to protect your lips when out in the sun. You must select a lip balm product with SPF, such as the best chapstick for extremely dry lips. Begin using the one that can secure your lips against damaging ultraviolet rays. Therefore, ensure that it has at least SPF 15 for sufficient cover. Such an SPF is essential, especially if most of your day is outside.

Choose Medicated Chapstick if Needed

Maybe you usually get cold sores or require further treatment on lip skin. As a result, one must try medicated lip balm. This product type has certain elements that can cure medical situations associated with the lips. Just read the ingredients to see whether they’re recommended for your lips.

Keep Off Poisonous Substances

Some chapsticks have synthetic materials like alum, salicylic acid, menthol, and phenol. Over time, these substances will dry your lips. It’s advisable to avoid them and go for lip balms that have natural ingredients. In this way, you can be sure that your mouth is moisturized.

Consider the Container

Lip balms come in different types of containers – sticks, pots, or tubes. Stick balms are loved because they’re portable. However, don’t share them as it could lead to infection. If you prefer pots or tubes, keep them clean and use clean fingers or applicators.

Applying these tips can identify the best chapstick for parched lips. For soft, smooth lips, one should moisturize the lips by using a lip balm daily as desired. Now you know what’s the best chapstick for dry lips. Well, it is not other than the one that suits your needs and keeps your lips hydrated and protected.

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Application And Removal Guidance

  • You should always use your finger or lip brush when putting on your lip balm. This will help to eliminate bacteria from your product.
  • First, use a sugar scrub or lip balm containing exfoliating properties. By using them, one can remove dead skin cells from the lips.
  • Apply a small amount of lip balm to your lips using your fingers. Use circular movements to spread evenly, starting from the center and moving outwards.
  • Make sure that you always apply it again if you feel like they are becoming dry or chapped. This is because maintaining an adequate hydration level is necessary for dry lips.
  • You must use a soft cloth or paper to remove the lip balm gently. Do not vigorously rub it off.

To Sum It Up

Finally, finding the best chapstick for dry lips is essential to protect them from dehydration and damage. Follow these guidelines carefully, as this blog covers, when choosing the best chapstick for parched lips. Avoiding dyes and fragrances while looking for moisturizing agents, minding tinted alternatives, considering SPF levels, and escaping contaminants would be significant steps toward achieving this goal. It may require some trial and error before getting the right one. So, next time you shop for your following lip care selection, remember to make an informed decision.


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